Our Strategy

Our company’s growth strategy focuses on maximizing asset and capabilities in power project infrastructure of operation & maintenance services as well as project management while continuing to develop green field projects and to acquire power projects/assets.

Medco Power is geared with extensive experience and knowledge from the best people in the business to take a piece of the pie in the supply of the country's energy needs.

To realize our vision as a leading Energy Development Company in power project energy infrastructure, we have set action plans in the strategy to grow in capacity and capabilities.

  • Growth through power project acquisitions as well as developing green field projects
  • Generating cash early to benefit share holders
  • Focusing on small to medium IPP (<200 MW)
  • Diversify PLN risk by expanding market to captive
  • Develop services capability (O&M, Project Management)
  • Create power projects portfolio that can be leveraged for bigger projects or divestment. Early cash to develop other projects

  • Maintaining current position as major player in Batam area, where PLN Batam has the authority to control owned operation, independent from Central PLN and can negotiate a PPA. Electricity price in Batam area is higher compare with other area in Indonesia.
  • Focusing on greener and renewable power generation, in order to solidify its positioning as “responsbile power generator”. Geothermal is also subject to individual negotiation on PPA as it is considered as renewable and green.
  • Focusing on captive market opportunities to mitigate the risks on PLN and diversify customer based. Initial synergy projects with Medco are singa, block a and senoro which represent a captive market pricing.