Our Brand

One Earth. One Common Goal. Search Renewed Commitment. To explore, produce, and utilize energy in a responsible and sustainable manner. One Future. One Blue Planet for our grand grandchildren.

MedcoEnergi has transformed to become an integrated energy company, with business ranging from the exploration and production of oil and gas on the upstream side, to petrochemical and power generation industry on the downstream site. This has prompted the Company to revitalize itself, through the restatement of its corporate vision and enhancements of corporate culture and values.

In lights of this perspective, we are proud to introduce of our new logo, reflecting our strong commitment to compassionately manage the energy business in a responsible and sustainable manner, to create maximum value to all stakeholders. To further strengthen the synergy and promote cohesiveness among various business units within MedcoEnergi Group, the new logo will also serve as a common identity.

Logo Description

The logo displays a main graphic of a blue ring that illustrates the "blue planet" or the earth as observed from outer space, representing MedcoEnergi's renewed commitment to "Managing energy from nature. For nature". The white background on the logo reflects the Compay's revitalized corporate values of professionalism, ethical, open, and innovative.

The Company's initial is displayed with the letter M and if rotated 900, forms the letter "E". The letter "E", which represents the word "energy", also forms an algebraic symbol of "sigma", symbolizing the Company's commitment for responsible accumulation and utilization of energy, and hence, achieving harmonic balance between prosperity and natural conservancy.