Mitra Energi Batam

Medco Power Indonesia owns 54% shares in the company which is the operator of a gas-fired power plant with a capacity of 2x27.75 MW and plans to add a combined cycle 22 MW and 4,5 MW chiller to increase efficience and capacity, currently supplying electricity to local industries and housing in Batam. The electricity is generated by two gas turbine generators with advanced, computerized control systems, enabling the operator to accurately monitor the overall performance of the power plant and ensure its effectiveness and reliability.

The power plant benefits from an effective and efficient management system, with a lean organizational structure, allowing management to maintain intensive communications and to quickly respond to prevailing conditions, in order to maintain an uninterrupted supply of electricity. The plant is supported by highly skilled and professional employees with 5-to-20 years experience in various related fields, including electrical power generation, electronic control systems, and plant maintenance.

With a high growth of electricity demand in average between 15% to 20% annually, makes Batam the highest electricity growth in the country. In 2003, the state-owned electricity company PLN Batam and MedcoEnergi started to invest in power plants, which used natural gas as energy source. The company’s first gas-fired power plant project in Batam was Mitra Energy Batam 55.5 MW (2x27.75 MW) located in Panaran I. Commercially operated since end of 2004, the productivity level currently approaching 92% of total capacity.

  • MPI’s first plant on the Batam island:
    • Simple Cycle Rolls-Royce Aero-Derivative RB211
    • Capacity of 2 X 27.75 MW
  • Zero accident in 2009

YTD Generation (GwH)

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Chief Executive Officer - Noor Wahyu Hidayat
Noor Wahyu Hidayat, Indonesian Citizen. Born in 1958. President Director of PT Mitra Energi Batam and PT. Dalle Energy Batam based in Batam, Indonesia.
Mr. Noor Wahyu joined PT Mitra Energi Batam and PT. Dalle Energy Batam. in May 2004 as the Project Manager to do Engineering, Procurement and construction of 2 x 27,75 MW Gas Turbine Generator in Batam, Indonesia. He is doing a very good job and make successful commercial Operation date ( COD ) of 2 units Gas Turbine Generator with in 80 days from the date Gas Turbine Generator arrived at site until COD. He got promoted as Vice President operation in PT. Medco Power Indonesia ( Holding company of PT. Mitra Eenergi Batam & PT. Dalle Energi batam ) 3 months later for about 1 year and promoted again as Deputy Operation Director ; Operation Director and President Director in PT. Mitra Energi Batam & PT. Dalle Energy Batam since March 01, 2012 until now.
PT. Mitra Energi Batam & PT. Dalle Energi Batam is one of PT. Medco Power Indonesia subsidiaries that specialized in Power Project development.
Mr. Noor Wahyu Hidayat previous work experience includes positions as President Director of PT. Mitsundo Sarana, local Partner of Mitsui Finance, Japan ; Business Development Manager of Van Der Horst Limited in Power Project Development and others working experience as Plant manager ; Sales Manager etc for more than 28 years up now.
Mr. Noor Wahyu Hidayat has Mechanical Engineer back ground from Gajah Mada University in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
Mr. Noor Wahyu is an expert of Power Generation business development, EPC Work ( Engineering, Procurement, construction and commissioning ), including operation & Maintenance of IPP ( Independence Power Producer ) of several Gas Turbine Generator and Diesel Engine.
Chief Financial Officer - Priandika Permana
Priandika Permana is the Chief Financial Officer of Mitra Batam Energi and Dalle Batam Energy (“MEB and DEB”) the subsidiary companies of Medco Power Indonesia has an extensive background in banking, oil & gas and power project development and financing.
Prior to joining MEB DEB, Priandika was the Chief Financial Officer for Energy Sengkang for 13 years and the Director of South Sulawesi LNG, where he worked on the development and financing of both power plant and gas fields project in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. He has also worked in several company merger deals. He also spent several years with BP Chemical and Total Indonesie S.A. as the Treasurer where he supervised the funding requirements of the company for operation and expansion needs.
Prior to joining BP Chemical, he worked for Standard Chartered Bank based in Jakarta, Singapore and New York where he worked on numerous corporate and project finance as well as structure lending, foreign exchange and derivatives trading.
Priandika obtained his degree from International Banking School SCB in Singapore in 1992, and Bachelor of Arts in Financial Management degree from University of Parahyangan in 1989. He was also educated in Louisiana, USA.