CEO Message

Our company sees energy crisis and climate change as critical, and need to be addressed today. Our strategy is to develop cleaner and responsible power generation developments. We are convinced that our approach will yield to a more sustainable power development that will have a positive effects for Medco and the nation.

Since our company establishment in late 2004, we have grown from a 55 MW gas-fired power plant - a less carbon emission contributor - to almost 1,500 MW through ownership and operation & maintenance contract agreement. In 2006, we have been assigned to develop a geothermal power project in Sumatra that will generate 330 MW of electricity, harnessing the power of nature to generate a cleaner, safer, and environmentally responsible electricity.

In every step and decision we make, we put value at its core. Electricity is the core infrastructure for the country development. As much as we want to contribute to the country's energy needs, care for the environment is also dear to our heart. We are striving to develop sustainable power company that will bring value for its shareholder, focus to the environment, and care to the people that we work with. This is a small step that we are taking to become the power company of choice.