Environment, Protection and Conservation

PT. Medco Power Indonesia endeavors to undertake its businesses in a safe manner to respect and care for the environment and to preserve the physical resources of the as well as environmental preservation ,pollution prevention and hazardous material awareness on the surrounding areas where the Company operates

The company also places an emphasis on enhancing efforts to maintain the balance of the environment where we operate. The Company also strives to manage its activities with reasonable assurances of minimize damage to the environment and preventive environmental incidents program is put in place on its operations and maintains its facilities responsibly. We always respond promptly and effectively if there is any emergency or incident in our business activities. In addition, we will continue to improve our understanding of the environmental impacts affected by our business, improve ways to protect our environment, and increase our abilities to align our production activities with nature, as well as undertake accurate tests and evaluations on our business activities in order to measure the progress and ensure compliance to statutory laws on environmental protection. The Company always makes sure that it conducts its operations by adhering to national and  international best practices in environmental protection and conservation. A number of regulations include the Analysis on Environmental Impact (AMDAL)  as well as  compliance with all related National and Local government legislation, statutory requirements and other regulations.