Clean Energy Development

PT. Medco Power Indonesia, own and operate the Gas Turbines and Gas Engines power plants which the emission is very low and generate power with clean energy and in addition of our gas fueled power plants, The Company also have  green energy projects which define our direction and vision to renewable energy an energy generated from natural resources such as hydroelectricity/mini hydro and geothermal heat which are renewable (naturally replenished).

The Company planned to build and operate the mini hydro power plants in various places in Central Java and Sulawesi, its shown the commitment of company to green technology that produces power to the country without affected to the environment.

Together with its consortium, PT. Medco Power Indonesia  has been awarded  to build and operate the Sarulla geothermal project in North Sumatra and  Ijen in East Java.  Indonesia Geothermal resources offers renewable and sustainable energy because the hot water used in the geothermal process can be re-injected into the ground to produce more steam. as part of the world's ring of fire, Indonesia has large potential in geothermal resources.

Renewable energy technologies is the future energy which demanded by nation  to ensure the national  development will not affected to the environment, The company is committed to build more Clean and Green Energy Power Plant as part of core business of the company.