Sangsaka Agro Lestari (SAL)

MPI has a commitment to develop the potential of the power industry into the direction of renewable energy. In September 2011, MPI acquires 70% stakes in PT Sangsaka Agro Lestari (SAL), a company which has experiences in the field of the Mini Hydro Power Plant. 


Sangsaka Agro Lestari has 17 locations with a total capacity of 98.3 MW which has already done with the feasibilities study, and permit process from the authority party. The location of Mini Hydro Power Plants are located at West Java, Banten and Sulawesi.


PPA for Cibalapulang Mini Hydro Power Plant already signed with PLN Jawa Barat Banten on February 1st 2012


In 2012, Sal will build it first phase of constructing which consist of Cibalapulang Mini Hydro Power Plant ( 3 x 3 MW) at Cianjur West Java and Rongkong Mini Hydro Power Plant ( 3 x 2.7 MW) and Baliase Mini Hydro Power Plant ( 3 x 3 MW) at Luwu Utara, South Sulawesi. These Mini Hydro Power Plant are expected to be able to have a COD (commercial operating date) in End 2013.



No. Name of Project Location Capacity(MW)
Units Total
1 Cibalapulang1 Cianjur - Jawa Barat 07º12'618"S;106º59'178"E 3x3 9
2 Ciseureuh Sukabumi - Jawa Barat 07º15'384"S;106º30'072"E 2x1.2 2.4
3 Cisimeut Lebak - Banten 06º38'14.8"S;106º18'43.2"E 2x1 2
4 Cibareno Lebak - Banten 06º48'15.7"S;106º26'03.8"E 3x1 3
5 Citambur1 Cianjur - Jawa Barat 07º15'4.0"S;107º10'32.3"E 1x0.5 0.5
6 Malela Bandung - Jawa Barat 07º00'38.7"S;107º12'21.7"E 1x1 1
7 Patikala1 Luwu Utara - South Sulawesi 2º20'48.22"S-120º26'21.54"E 2x2 4
8 Patikala2 Luwu Utara - South Sulawesi 2º22'15.17"S-120º25'34.46"E 2x3.9 7.8
9 Patikala3 Luwu Utara - South Sulawesi 2º22'51.37"S-120º25'21.61"E 4x2.4 9.6
10 Patikala4 Luwu Utara - South Sulawesi 2º25'55.27"S-120º25'19.75"E 2x2.5 5
11 Patikala5 Luwu Utara - South Sulawesi 2º25'53.57"S-120º25'20.72"E 4x2.4 9.6
12 Korue Luwu Utara - South Sulawesi 2º20'2.89"S-120º27'0.22"E 2x1.5 3
13 Baliase Luwu Utara - South Sulawesi 2º30'43.5"S-120º8'21.8"E 3x3 9
14 Binuang1 Luwu Utara - South Sulawesi 2º31'20.55"S-1208'45.95"E 3x2.4 7.2
15 Binuang2 Luwu Utara - South Sulawesi 2º33'49.55"S-120º11'46.94"E 3x2.9 8.7
16 Binuang3 Luwu Utara - South Sulawesi 2º32'5.28"S-120º9'44.22"E 3x2.8 8.4
17 Rongkong Luwu Utara - South Sulawesi 02º30'43.5"S;120º8'21.8"E 3x2.7 8.1

Table 1. List of Mini Hydro Procject of Sangsaka Argo Lestari


Picture 1. Mini Hydro Power Plant at Java an Banten


Picture 2. Mini Hydro Power Plant at North Luwu - South Sulawesi