Safe Operations, Protect a Health and Preserve the Environment.



PT. Medco Power Indonesia put the Safety of Personnel on its operation as Priority, Company have Procedures and work instruction as well as risk assessment and risk analysis in every single activity, its adopted to be safe work practices and The program of SHE procedures also as guidance for all assets and  subsidiaries  which is suited for the needs of each and every business unit within the respective industries. MPI committed to comply with all the prevailing laws and regulations as well as being in line with the national and international best practices. 

MPI places a strong emphasis on active participation among all employees to be aware of safety issues. The commitment of the Company to safety at work should be fully understood by each and every employee as part of their responsibility to their work. As such, any deviation may be anticipated as early as possible. The efforts are facilitated through campaign, billboard and magazine  as well as through regular forum where employees can share knowledge and experience each other among organizations.  Any deviation may be anticipated as early as possible. Incident and Accident prevention program must be conducted to avoid any risk associated  in its operation. All unplanned event might be happen must be investigated to find out root cause to prevent similar occurrence in the future

The safety of personnel and its operations will also ensure the safety of company . With ISO and OHSAS standards, we believe that this system provides a strong foundation upon which MPI can grow its businesses in the future.