Dalle Energi Batam - Overview

The Company also owns 80% shares in the company which is the owner and operator of the second gas-fired power plant. This plant also utilized 2x27,5 MW of gas turbine generator and chiller equipment with an output of 8 MW. The electricity output of this plant as of December 2006 was 320 MWh. Panaran II started to produce electricity in January 2006 for Unit 1 and April 2006 for Unit 2. With the production from Panaran II, the company supplies almost 80% of the electricity demand in Batam Island.

  • MPI’s second plant on the Batam island :
    • Simple Cycle Rolls-Royce Aero-Derivative RB211
    • Capacity of 2 X 27,5 + 8 MW (Chiller)
  • Construction for the additional 20.6 MW combined cycle plant by the consortium of Mitsui & Hyundai has commercially operated on 25 March 2010.
  • Zero accident since January 2006 until today