O&M - Overview

O & M (Operation and Maintenance)

Tanjung Jati B Power Service (TJBPS)
A consortium of MedcoEnergi and Fortum Services Oy (Fortum) was appointed by PLN to provide Operation and Maintenance (O&M) service to PLN Tanjung Jati B Unit 1 & 2 - 2x660 MW coal fired power plant at Tanjung Jati, Central Java for 23 years starting from commercial operating date at end of year 2005. MedcoEnergi is involved in the service implementation supported by Fortum technical expertise. The consortium established a new company, TJBPS, in April 2006 to enter into an O&M agreement with PLN. Beginning in November 2006, TJBPS was commissioned to provide service to Tanjung Jati B.



  • In 2005, Medco in consortium with Fortum Service was awarded a 20 years Operation & Maintenance Services Agreement for Tanjung Jati B coal fired power plant with capacity of 2x660 MW for PLN.

  • To undertake the operation, Medco & Fortum consortium established PT TJB Power Services and commenced operation in October 2006 for Unit 1 and November 2006 for Unit 2

  • Today TJB PS employs 200 professionals

  • Strong performance with zero “Lost Time Accidents”