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Our company’s growth strategy focuses on maximizing asset and capabilities in power project infrastructure of operation & maintenance services as well as project management while continuing to develop green field projects and to acquire power projects/assets.

Medco Power is geared with extensive experience and knowledge from the best people in the business to take a piece of the pie in the supply of the country's energy needs.

To realize our vision as a leading Energy Development Company in power project energy infrastructure, we have set action plans in the strategy to grow in capacity and capabilities.

  • Growth through power project acquisitions as well as developing green field projects
  • Generating cash early to benefit share holders
  • Focusing on small to medium IPP 
  • Diversify PLN risk by expanding market to captive
  • Develop services capability (O&M, Project Management)
  • Create power projects portfolio that can be leveraged for bigger projects or divestment. Early cash to develop other