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One Earth. One Goal. Search Renewed Commitment. To explore, produce, and utilize energy in a responsible and sustainable manner. One Future. One Blue Planet for our grand grandchildren.

Medco Power Indonesia as the holding companies undertaking a number of subsidiaries will keep on striving to be the best power provider. Yet, we realize that the challenge as something that would stop what we have built. In fact, it is a motivation from where we can gain strength, knowledge, and wisdom to grow even bigger in the future.

We meet these challenges by means of our continuous commitment in introducing our values:

All employees must conduct themselves in a professional manner by, among others:

  • Competent in one’s area of expertise;
  • Possessing a “champion spirit”;
  • Continuously seeking self-improvement;
  • Having professional ability and knowing one’s limit.

All employees must conduct themselves in an ethical manner by, among others:

  • Conducting business fairly with high moral integrity;
  • Applying the highest ethical standards at all time;
  • Understanding and following the Company’s ethics and Good Corporate Governance policies.

All employees must make efforts to promote transparency by, among others:

  • Encouraging informality and openness in communication at all levels;
  • Building an environment of trust among the employees and management in MedcoEnergi;
  • Behaving with respect, open mind and highest work ethics.

All employees must cultivate the spirit of innovation by, among others:

  • Building a culture of trail-blazers;
  • Continuously search for innovative solutions to achieve better, safer, more cost-effective, and faster outcomes;
  • Possessing intellectual maturity.