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Medco Power is committed to operating safely and reliably, protecting the environment as well as ensuring the safety of all stakeholders involved in our operations and work environment. Programs to improve and to maintain HSE culture are continuously carried out by implementing OHSAS 18001: 2007 management system and ISO 14001: 2004 environmental management system.


We develop basic competencies and HSE culture for employees through mandatory HSE training programs and periodic socialization to ensure that all employees have the common understanding and knowledge regarding health, safety and environment.

The safety of personnel and its operations will also ensure the safety of company . With ISO and OHSAS standards, we believe that this system provides a strong foundation upon which MPI can grow its businesses in the future.


Medco Power believes that a healthy working environment can improve operational efficiency and productivity. Our commitment to these efforts can be seen from the policy signed by Management and implemented in corporate assets and subsidiary. Medco Power Indonesia committed to support health of workers as important aspect to increase the company productivity and sustainability.

Medco Power Indonesia applied high standard of health and safety procedures to achieve a healthy and safety working condition and environment. As part of health prevention we provided regular medical check-up for all workers. Each of our operational and construction assets is well equipped with trained personnel on first aid services. 


Medco Power endeavours to undertake its businesses in a safe manner to respect and care for the environment and to preserve the physical resources of the as well as environmental preservation, pollution prevention and hazardous material awareness on the surrounding areas where the Company operates.

Medco Power also places an emphasis on enhancing efforts to maintain the balance of the environment where we operate. In addition, we will continue to improve our understanding of the environmental impacts affected by our business, improve ways to protect our environment, and increase our abilities to align our production activities with nature, as conducted an accurate tests and evaluations on our business activities in order to measure the progress and ensure compliance to statutory laws on environmental protection. 

Medco Power always makes sure that it conducts its operations by adhering to national and international best practices in environmental protection and conservation. A number of regulations include the Analysis on Environmental Impact (AMDAL) as well as compliance with all related National and Local government legislation, statutory requirements and other regulations.


Since its establishment, Medco Power has been focused on the sustainable energy concept. This concept refers to provision of energy resources, both conventional (natural gas) and renewable energy, which are managed efficiently, cleanly, and effectively, so as to meet the energy needs in the present as well as in the future. 

Renewable energy technologies is the future energy to ensure the national development will not affected the environment. The company is committed to build more clean and green energy power plant as part of core business of the company.