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Since establishment in 2004, PT Medco Power Indonesia (MPI) aims to become a reliable electricity provider in Indonesia to support our nation in tackling the nation-wide electricity growth. Owned by MedcoEnergi International Tbk, the largest national listed energy company in Indonesia. MPI strives to become a prominent power producer as an effort to participate in the nation’s economic growth.

MPI makes its goal possible through our constant developments and innovations in utilizing the best available energy resources to later convert them into power. Which up to now we actualize by making electricity supply more available to Indonesia people by positioning ourselves to become an Independent Power Producer (IPP), as well as Operation & Maintenance Services (O&M), and also contractor for Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) projects.

The first step of our journey in providing and distributing power supply began in Batam through PT Mitra Energi Batam (MEB), by constructed a 55 MW gas-fired power plant in Panaran. MPI then owns and operates two gas-fired plants with 12 MW capacity each in Palembang, South Sumatera, through PT Energi Prima Elektrika (EPE) and PT Multidaya Prima Elektrindo (MPE).



Becoming the Clean Independent Power Producer (IPP) and Reliable Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Service Company of Choice.


  • Develop and operate IPP in natural gas, geothermal, other renewable and gas infrastructure facilities.
  • Become the leading national company in providing excellent and integrated O&M services for power business.
  • Deliver sustainable investment portfolio to our stakeholders.


Our company’s growth strategy focuses on maximizing asset and capabilities in power project infrastructure of operation & maintenance services as well as project management while continuing to develop green field projects and to acquire power projects/assets.

Medco Power is geared with extensive experience and knowledge from the best people in the business to take a piece of the pie in the supply of the country’s energy needs.

To realize our vision as a leading Energy Development Company in power project energy infrastructure, we have set action plans in the strategy to grow in capacity and capabilities.

  • Growth through power project acquisitions as well as developing green field projects
  • Generating cash early to benefit share holders
  • Focusing on small to medium IPP 
  • Diversify PLN risk by expanding market to captive
  • Develop services capability (O&M, Project Management)
  • Create power projects portfolio that can be leveraged for bigger projects or divestment. Early cash to develop other


One Earth. One Goal. Search Renewed Commitment. To explore, produce, and utilize energy in a responsible and sustainable manner. One Future. One Blue Planet for our grand grandchildren.

Medco Power Indonesia as the holding companies undertaking a number of subsidiaries will keep on striving to be the best power provider. Yet, we realize that the challenge as something that would stop what we have built. In fact, it is a motivation from where we can gain strength, knowledge, and wisdom to grow even bigger in the future.

We meet these challenges by means of our continuous commitment in introducing our values:

All employees must conduct themselves in a professional manner by, among others:

  • Competent in one’s area of expertise;
  • Possessing a “champion spirit”;
  • Continuously seeking self-improvement;
  • Having professional ability and knowing one’s limit.

All employees must conduct themselves in an ethical manner by, among others:

  • Conducting business fairly with high moral integrity;
  • Applying the highest ethical standards at all time;
  • Understanding and following the Company’s ethics and Good Corporate Governance policies.

All employees must make efforts to promote transparency by, among others:

  • Encouraging informality and openness in communication at all levels;
  • Building an environment of trust among the employees and management in MedcoEnergi;
  • Behaving with respect, open mind and highest work ethics.

All employees must cultivate the spirit of innovation by, among others:

  • Building a culture of trail-blazers;
  • Continuously search for innovative solutions to achieve better, safer, more cost-effective, and faster outcomes;
  • Possessing intellectual maturity.


President Director

Born in 1967. Appointed October 2017

Eka Satria is an expert in managing major project and business development with more than 27 years of experiences in oil/gas, energy business, power, geothermal, Infrastructure projects and LNG development. His major expertise is in the area of conceptual selection, project and construction management, operation management, assets commercialization, project financing and business development of the major and complex project.

Joined Medco in the year 2008, his extensive work experience includes positions as Medco E&P Indonesia Development Director, Vice President of Project Capability at Medco Energi International, BP Tangguh LNG Upstream Sr. Project Manager, as well as various positions at ARCO as development and engineering professional for various offshore and onshore projects.

His educational backgrounds involve a Master of Civil Engineering from Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), Magister Management from University of Indonesia and BP Executive Program – Major Project Leaders, from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Boston.


Finance Director

Born in 1977. Appointed as CFO in January 2018.

Susilawati has consistently been involved in Finance areas for 16 years, where she started her career working as a lecturer majoring finance, and as a financial advisor and underwriter in PT Danatama Makmur, a securities house engaging with some clients’ corporate action such as IPO, bond issuance, corporate restructuring some other finance related matters. She also has solid background in banking where she was a corporate banker in oil and gas and infrastructure in BNI since 2006, financing some major infrastructure power plant projects (IPP) in Indonesia using structured finance by way of bilateral and syndication project finance. Her major experience is in the area of structured project finance for major projects dealing with some international banks with strong experience in the areas.

Joined Medco in year 2013, she started her position as Lead of Project Finance in PT Medco Energi Internasional Tbk (2013), Head of Corporate Finance (2014 – 2017) and effective as Director in PT Medco Power Indonesia since January 2018. During her tenure in Medco Group, she has been able to close approximately USD 2.5 Bio financing at Medco’s level plus some financing representing Medco as aponsor using a limited recourse financing. Her experience of financing range from a conventional IDR and SGD Bond, private placement, bilateral corporate loan, project financing, reserve based lending, and acquisition financing.

Her educational background involves a Master of Science from Gadjah Mada University, a Graduate Certificate in Finance from University of Indonesia, and a Bachelor in Economics from North Sumatera University.


Planning & Business Development Director

Born in 1972. Appointed October 2017.

Femi Sastrena is an expert in finance and commercial strategic planning with over 20 years experiences in the Southeast Asia countries and the United States.

His major expertise is in the commercial, business development, strategic planning, portfolio management, financial advisory, M&A, internationalization roadmap and business restructuring.

Joined Medco in 2010, he has held the positions of Vice President – Strategic Planning, Medco USA, Head of Commercial, Medco E&P Indonesia and Head of Corporate Portfolio Management, Medco Energi International. Prior, he also has various experiences in Gas and Power Consulting in financial institutions and the private sector in Indonesia and south-east Asia countries.

His educational backgrounds involve an MBA from Lincoln University, a Graduate Certificate in Corporate Finance from the University of California at Berkeley extension, and a Bachelor in Economics (Accounting) from Trisakti University.



President Director

Born in 1965. Appointed October 2017.

Amri Siahaan is an expert in operation management with more than 26 years of experience in the energy industry, especially in O&G industry in Indonesia, USA and Trinidad & Tobago.

His major expertise is in human capital, supply chain management, government affairs and managing and delivering a number of organizational and cultural transformations in a number of major companies.

Joined Medco November 2015, as Business Support Officer (CHCO) in PT Medco Energi International, Tbk. Prior, he worked as VP Government Affairs & Business Support Premier Oil Indonesia, GM Operations/ Start-Up Manager Tangguh LNG, BP Indonesia, EA to COO Atlantic LNG Trinidad & Tobago, VP Semberah Asset VICO Indonesia VP SCM VICO Indonesia and Audit & Internal Control Manager BP Indonesia.

His education backgrounds involve a Mechanical Engineering degree from Institute of Technology Bandung and an MBA degree from University of Leicester, United Kingdom.


Finance Director

Born in 1951. Appointed April 2005.

Darmoyo Doyotatmojo is an expert in the energy industry, oil, gas, infrastructure and drilling industry with over 40 years working experience.

He joined Medco Group in 1976 and became the Director of PT Medco Energi Internasional Tbk in 1994. Prior, he worked as Chief Executive Officer of Medco Energi Global Pte. Ltd and PT Medco Energi Internasional Tbk.

His previous work experience includes commissioner of the drilling services subsidiary, PT Apexindo Pratama Duta and at the exploration and production of oil and gas subsidiary, PT Exspan Nusantara also PT Exspan Tarakan,

His education background involves a degree in Electrical Engineering, Bandung Institute of Technology, an MBA and MSc degree from the University of Southern California, USA.


Planning & Business Development Director

Born in 1957. Appointed April 2018

Mochamad Teguh Pamuji has more than 28 years of working experiences in the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources of the Republic of Indonesia. He was working as General Secretary with the main duty to coordinate all the activities and the implementation of tasks, guidance and administration support to all organizational units within the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources.

Recently joined Medco in the year 2018, as an Independent Commissioner in PT Medco Power Indonesia. His Previous work experience includes a position as Head of Structural and Functional Education and Training, also as Senior Advisor to minister in social and communication division in the in the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. His previous major expertise was in the area of formulating and implementing policies in the field of development, controlling, and supervision for any activities under Directorate General of Oil and Gas.

His educational backgrounds involve a Master’s Degree in Law from the University of Indonesia and Bachelor degree in Public International Law from the University of Indonesia.




Corporate Secretary

Indonesian citizen, born in 1971

Appointed as Corporate Secretary pursuant to the Decree of the Board of Directors of PT Medco Power Indonesia No. 030/SK-MPI/NOD/IV/2018 dated 15 October 2018 on Succession of Corporate Secretary of PT Medco Power Indonesia. Joined the Company as Head of Legal in August 2012. Previously he had worked at various subsidiaries of the Astra Heavy Industries Group in 2003-2010, and served as Head of Legal PT Bukit Makmur in 2010-2012.

Hold a Bachelor of Law degree from Padjajaran University in 1996 and Maste of Law from University of Melbourne in 2001.

Warga Negara Indonesia, lahir tahun 1971

Menjabat sebagai Sekretaris Perusahaan berdasarkan Surat Keputusan Direksi PT Medco Power Indonesia No. 030/SK-MPI/NOD/IV/2018 tanggal 15 Oktober 2018 tentang Pergantian Sekretaris Perusahaan (Corporate Secretary) PT Medco Power Indonesia. Bergabung dengan Perseroan sebagai Head of Legal sejak Agustus 2012. Sebelumnya pernah bergabung pada beberapa anak perusahaan Grup Astra Heavy Industries pada tahun 2003-2010, serta menjabat Head of Legal di PT Bukit Makmur pada tahun 2010-2012.

Meraih gelar Sarjana Hukum dari Universitas Padjajaran pada tahun 1996 dan Master Hukum dari University of Melbourne pada tahun 2001.