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Medco Power Indonesia Operates Mini Hydro Power Plant In West Java

PT Medco Power Indonesia continues to improve electricity supply as part of its commitment in supporting the government with its 35,000 MW electricity program for Indonesia. Through one of its subsidiaries, PT Bio Jatropha Indonesia (BJI), Medco Power Indonesia has just started the commercial operation of mini hydro power plant with a capacity of 3 x 3 MW by utilizing the Cibalapulang river.

Located at Waringin Sari Village, Takokak Sub-district, Cianjur District, the signing for Cibalapulang operation report has been conducted by the Board of Directors of PT BJI and PT PLN (Persero) Distribution of West Java on September 13, 2017. The project is worth about Rp 270 billion with funding support from PT Bank Muamalat Indonesia Tbk. Cibalapulang Mini Hydro Power Plant will be operated by PT BJI for 15 years according to Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) signed on February 1, 2012.

In addition to projects in Cibalapulang, several other mini hydro projects that are currently in the process of construction, include Pusaka Mini Hydro Power Plant with a capacity of 2 x 4.4 MW located in Pusaka Jaya Village, Pasir Kuda Subdistrict, Cianjur Regency, West Java Province.

The operation of this mini hydro power plant is also one of Medco Power Indonesia’s commitments in participating in the development of eco-friendly electricity by using renewable energy sources in addition to several other geothermal projects that already and will be operated by Medco Power Indonesia.

The communities around this project are also very supportive for Cibalapulang Mini Hydro Power Plant operation and hope that Medco group can build more similar projects for the benefit of broader community.